Divert People from getting involved

Contact across community divides

Aims to promote meaningful contact between individuals from different communities, and across divides. This might be done through informal social networking, sports clubs or mentorship programmes. It might also involve cross-community dialogue programmes to bring together individuals to discuss grievances in a frank way.

Diversion and alternative activities

Aim to undercut far-right groups’ abilities to contact and recruit young people. This can be as simple as providing young people with meaningful spare time activities, particularly targeting susceptible youth, including football, extreme sports and outdoor activities. In some cases these are led by individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Educational programmes

Aim to shift attitudes through tailored curricula. This includes Holocaust and religious education as well as more targeted programmes such as teaching people about the multicultural history of a place and the plight of refugees. Educational programmes may work specifically to challenge myths and prejudices harboured by particular groups.

Dialogue on the hard issues

Aims to engage directly with difficult viewpoints, to tackle grievances that can underlie racist or prejudiced attitudes. It might be done through peer education programmes to train individuals to have hard conversations with peers who may exhibit extreme views, or public dialogue forums on tough and divisive issues, including foreign policy, immigration and employment. It also includes programmes that engage directly with far-right extremists, rather than simply talk about them.