Alternative Adapting Barrier Free Shower

Feb 18th

Barrier Free Shower – Having a bathroom without barriers is a must for people with permanent mobility. But also adapting the bathroom is an alternative to take into account if you think about reform and you are a foresighted person: certain changes will end up thanking you for time yourself. And it allows you to face eventualities. Such as the need to live together with older people or after an accident for as little as possible. Basically, the bathroom has anti-slip floors, a floor-level shower and easy access and a sliding door that facilitates the passage if you use a wheelchair or walker.

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In addition, if a wheelchair is permanently use, it will be necessary to have sufficient space to maneuver and undertake certain optional changes in the toilets. And that the toilet can be adjusting in height. Support bars in certain barrier free shower spaces (next to the toilet, inside the shower) are also an often want the alternative. An interesting option is the non invasive quartz shower trays. Which rise 3 cm from the floor, although there is the option to leave them almost embedded. The shower heads, with the bathroom floor and a linear stainless steel trough are other great alternatives.

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However, so far its installation has been restricting due to the inconvenience of draining the water. If filtration problems or jams occur, there is a risk of flooding the bathroom. There are toilets adjustable in height by means of a system called Kinelift. It allows using the same bathroom for people with reduced mobility and others with full mobility. These systems are cover by the same tiles as the rest of the flooring. So you cannot see the limits of the shower.

It is interesting to do the work a great professional who knows how to give the necessary fall to the floor. Or better yet, use a shower tray prefabricated with a drain included, such as those with Thermo and ACO. The fact that the sink does not have a foot allows people who move with a wheelchair to easily access it. It is an option that has become fashionable. So it is not hard to obtain a suspended model that suits well any bathroom. These are models that hide sinks about five centimeters high, instead of the usual measures of these.

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