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Feb 20th

Depending on the stay for which we need the art deco rugs, we will decant for one size or another. In the case of rugs for dining rooms. The designer recommends adding roughly 200 centimeters long and wide to the surface of our dining table. This is crucial because, in this way, not only the table area will be covered. But also that which corresponds to the chairs. The carpet will help us to separate places.

They are associated with the sophisticated and homely because of the wonderful capacity they have to dress the floors and to enrich the feeling of a room. They help to hide the cold floors and provide a very pleasant comfort. It is not the same to walk on a cold marble floor in January than on a soft carpeting. And also protect the floor properly (without stopping to think about the aesthetics) are an important part of the design of every room.

In the rooms, there is a simple rule: most of the art deco rugs should be in the space dedicated to the bed. Ideally, the three sides (or two, if against the wall) of the bed have a carpet space around it. If you have a desk with a wheelchair, putting a carpet there may prove to be very uncomfortable in the long run. If uncertain, it is preferable to opt for the largest size. Many times it is far better to opt for a huge carpet that covers much of our stay than for several smaller ones, which give a more strange aesthetic effect and difficult to combine.

If art deco rugs are for a living room, we will place it in the area where we usually sit. This is, as an example, the area intended for the sofa, armchairs and television. At least the front legs of the sofa should be on the carpeting since we are unifying the space and we will have that feeling of warmth when we sit in our resting place. The prestigious designer does not recommend tiny rugs. For example those that are only under a small table. But wider, at least able to partially cover the floor of the relaxation area.

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