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Jan 18th

The options with a folding bed are intend to be use primarily as a seat. These are heavy furniture as they contain a mattress and a mattress inside ready to deploy. It is possible that we should invest more money than in other alternatives but offer a greater comfort and usually work better aesthetically. The accordion type is very practical and very functional as sectional sofa beds. Where their comfort depends mainly on the composition of the mattress, usually made with foam. One of its disadvantages, if we do not invest in a quality product is the possibility that the filling will compact and harden over time.

The click-clack models are usually simpler and cheaper, they are also larger. Given that the length of the sectional sofa beds is the period of the bed. In general, these are models that are not too comfortable as a bed. The sofas with nest system are an interesting version since as in the case of the Italian system the two structures are separate and this can be a guarantee of a greater comfort of the furniture from its two slopes, like the seat and like the bed.

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Sectional Sofa Beds – The sofa bed is one of the most versatile pieces that we can incorporate into our living room or to a guest room. Free space and offers us a place to sit during the day while giving us the possibility of sleeping in the night. We must bear in mind that it will hardly be the best bed or the best couch and there is always a commitment to acquire one of these pieces. When looking for a sofa bed we must consider what will be its main use, to emphasize this aspect. The place where we are going to place it is also important.

If the sectional sofa beds are going to be in the living room we will be interesting in a piece with better materials. That fits with our decoration and that better withstand the passage of time. The available space is also an important feature since some systems imply minimum sizes to be able to function as a bed. There are many distinct systems to convert a sofa to bed. The most common is the fold-down (or Italian) bedding system. The click-clack, where the back is lowered to the level of the seat, the accordion, where the mattress rests On a structure that is folded to compose back and seat or the nest system. Where the bed (or a section thereof) is extracted from the bottom of the sofa.

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