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Mar 2nd

We suggest not installing wood coatings for walls or large furniture. More advisable are the shelves and light furniture for books, decorative objects and TV. Plain or worsted fabrics are best to choose plain fabrics or lines for the curtains. The sofa and the tapestry of those chairs. This will help make the decorating small apartment space appear much wider. As a general rule, if the walls are painted white or very subtle colors, the fabrics can be more daring. On the contrary, if the walls have a more intense color or have some drawing. You should choose curtains with simpler and smooth fabrics.

Also, you can generate the impression of greater space if you choose light blue colors. From the range of very soft indigo or orange yellow, always avoiding lemon yellow. You could also book a narrow wall, like the one that has a window or balcony door, and paint it in a darker color to contrast with the rest. This combination gives a bold and current appearance, and can create a excellent creative effect.

If you’re looking for decorating small apartment furniture, lean for simple lines and shapes. If you fill the space with antique style furniture or classic design. You will create a feeling of claustrophobia and furniture, especially if they are not of very good quality, will not look. If there is a long wall in the room. It is best to place in it a three-piece sofa, accompanied by a chair with arms. If, on the other hand, the room has a more square shape. It is wise to place two armchairs of two bodies.

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Decorating small apartment – if you live in a small space, do not worry: there are techniques that will allow you to see more… and no, we do not mean to knock down walls. The secret to making a small place look bigger is in the positioning of the furniture and the color of the walls and curtains. If something allows you to play with the spaces are the colors. The color of a wall has an important influence on the perception of a place: c hen it is small, it is best to paint the walls in light colors. If there is also low light, this becomes almost indispensable. Your apartment can look very nice if you decide to paint everything in white, but you can also play with other tones: there are many color palettes that will give life to your rooms without being boring.

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