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Feb 28th

Sometimes it is possible to put custom entry doors to the field. Within this house, in the middle of nature, an old solid wood door integrates harmoniously in the rustic style of the rest of the house. Accompanied by elements of exquisite carpentry around it, we enter the house almost without leaving the nature.

In the manner of traditional modernist forms, this two-story front door has been built in wrought iron and light exterior paint, which, besides reinforcing the security of the home, winks at the Aesthetics and great taste. There is also the custom entry doors light idea. In this design that we show you, beside the door, a translucent structure enables the entrance of light to the main hall of the house. The white carpentry coexists with the aesthetics of the facade and a unique shooter complements this attractive proposal.

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One of the problems of these exterior doors that give access to a storyline, are the climatic conditions. In this Galicia estate, near the sea, exposed to moisture and salinity. We chose a solution in welded aluminum that offers a long service life to the entire structure, practically maintenance free and without rust or repainting problems.

Sometimes the door is so pretty that you wish to stay in it. Moreover, this model of pedestrian door in reinforced solid wood is a clear example. With a checkered front in smallish squares, it captures the eyes of passers-by. And sure as yours too. For this single-family dwelling door was used a wooden paneling that also covers the entire hole in which the entrance is fitted. A homogeneous and integral bet that conceals the reduced dimension of the custom entry doors. In regard to the space that surrounds it. Furthermore, the translucent upper front allows light to enter the receiver.

Custom Entry Doors – Any home starts talking about what’s inside the front door. Arriving at it we already have an concept of the style and the taste of its inhabitants. Needless to say, it is not the same a single-family dwelling on a big plot. As a townhouse or the standard city apartment. There is difference in materials, installation and security measures. Furthermore, what is clear is that we have to go through them to access the home. And, it is the first area where we begin to feel that we are already at home. In the variety is the spice. We offer you then a selection open to all kinds of possibilities.

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