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Feb 23rd

Spray the desk and the front of the drawers with a soft coat of spray primer. Hold the can about 12 inches (30 cm) off the surface and spray with a forward and backward motion. If you hold the can very close you could create drips. Allow the primer to dry completely, usually two to three hours.  Apply two to three light layers of latex paint for interior, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly before applying the next (usually 24 hours). For a better finish, apply the paint by making long and soft strokes and do not pass the roller too much over precisely the exact same area. Be patient and resist the desire to try to cover the entire surface with a thick layer. Several light layers will produce a better finish than a very thick layer.

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Most Modular desk system is usually constructed of chipboard, resin-fused wood sparks with a thin layer of veneer on the top.  Plating, usually made to look like wood grain, may not be the most attractive finish for your home.  Instead of completely replacing your desk. Consider re-painting it in a tone that is right for the shades of your home.  After a little preparation and a few layers of paint, your veneered desk may look as if it were specifically made for you.

The advantage of modular desk system furniture is the versatility and design, durability and ability to be retrofitted to new spaces if necessary. Being constituted by elementary units, modular furniture systems can be adapted to new office spaces. Which makes them an option that in the long term is economically very convenient. Furniture made in Venezuela, which allows us to give answers faster and better adapted to their needs.

Modular desk system office furniture consists of basic building units that are repeated and combined to generate furniture that perfectly adapts to the requirements of the company. Taking full advantage of the available space. The set of modular furniture, suitably distributed in a space, constitutes the modular system of office or modular office.

The modular furniture is elaborated on design, reason why to obtain information of its cost, a project must be raised. For more information on the process, you can review the Remodeling the Office page! Where do I start? .

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One) Remove the drawers from the desk and any other decorative part. 2) Clean the desk and drawers you removed using a soft home cleaner. After cleaning, wipe dry with a clean, damp cloth to remove any residue left by the cleaner.  3) Sand the desk and the front of the drawers lightly using an orbital sander and fine-grained sandpaper. A quick sanding is all you need. Instead of sanding the veneer, the idea is only to put the surface a little rough for the sealer and paint to adhere well.  4) Clean all dust from the sanding of the desk and the front of the drawers using a damp and clean cloth.

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