Do It Yourself Cornice Window Treatments

Jan 18th

Cornice window treatments – A roof list is a cheap window treatment that transforms a regular window into a nice one. The box-like wooden frame is mounted over the width of the window to hide curtain iron and hardware while giving the room a complete touch. It also increases shelf space, allowing you to display decorations on top for additional appeal. Prime wood the roof rack for a natural look or paint it a bright color so it stands out.

Cornice window treatments with measure the width of the curtain rod from one end to the other to estimate the size of the roof list. Add 1 inch to allow inner corners. Measure the thickness or depth of the curtains to determine how deeply you want the two short sides roofing table. Add 1 inch to corner. Measure the desired length of the roof list, or how far you want it to hang over the curtains. Preferably, a length of 6 inches is appropriate, why a 1-inch 6-inch board is used for this project, but this varies depending on personal preferences.

Apply the wooden frame under the three exposed surfaces (front and two sides) of the roofing strip. Center the top of the board over the glued surfaces before lowering it in place. Enhance the top board to the sides of the roof list directly below. Please thread dyed every 4 to 5 inches along the short sides and forth. Inspect the wood roof strip for roughness on the surface or gaps between faced edges. Spread wood filler to cover gaps and sand so it is level with the surrounding surface. Apply primer on the wood roofing strip before painting it.

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Styrofoam valance kit,

Cut 1 inch thick with 6-inch long board in three lengths as wide as the curtain meter measurements. Change the measurements your wishes to make a longer wooden roof frame that hangs further down from the top of the window. You need one for the front (face) of the roofing table and two boards for the sides that are identical to each other. Phasing trims both ends of the front board and one end of each card aboard 45 degrees. Reset the saw to cut the other end of each card aboard 90 degrees.

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Cornice window treatments can apply the trunks to the two ends of the front board and connect the beveled end of a short piece to each. Put three 1 1/2 inch brads through each end of the front board to secure it to the adjacent side post working with an air-driven brad nail gun. Arrange three onboard roof rails with the card ends facing you. Measure the distance between the two short ends and the width of the exposed cavity. Cut a rectangular board according to the measurements to be used for the top of the roof list. Place the cut card on the cavity and trim the edges, if necessary.

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