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Feb 21st

Keep in mind that the plants that abound in the drought resistant landscape that surrounds you are the best adapted to the environment and less demanding. I don’t really necessarily mean that you are restricted only to them. But look for plants that require little maintenance and neglects those that are too demanding.

The Mediterranean climate offers an extraordinary botanical diversity. Moreover, that allows to create simple and original gardens adapted to the local conditions of soil and climate. Thinking about a dry garden, without the need for irrigation, is practically a chimera. In the Mediterranean basin rainfall is very scarce, but selecting the proper plants can greatly reduce water requirements.

In the following images you will find lots of combinations of very rustic, low maintenance and drought tolerant plants. With which you can compose drought resistant landscape as beautiful as those displayed in the photos. Most of them endure winter temperatures between -10 and -15ºC and are very resistant to dryness. Next to the name of each plant I indicate its dimensions (height / width),

A hedge defines a garden or property line, screen or block an unpleasant view or prevent wind. Planting shrubs at a close spacing in a line quickly creates the barrier of leaves and leaves. Pruning and cutting of plant materials can limit the size of the cover. As well as create a formal texture of well-kept plant. Without pruning shrubs they create an informal texture, thin. Drought resistant landscape shrubs suitable for coverage vary according to the type of climate and soil. And are good in homes that lack irrigation or in regions where natural precipitation is the low or non-coherent year.

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Drought Resistant Landscape – If you are thinking of doing a naturalist garden, low maintenance. When selecting plants and integrated into the environment pays attention. I told you that nature is what inspires us. And beyond grouping plants between the limits of our garden. We seek to get the effect that the garden goes beyond the limits and integrates into the landscape.

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You can find much more information about this sort of plants in Asian countries. So, this website that should not be missing as your saved links if you wish to create sustainable and low maintenance gardens. In addition, if you cannot find a plant in the nurseries nearby. There is always the possibility of requesting it here. To understand it well you must have some concept of French or be happy to use the translator. Moreover, I consider it well worth it.

This gallery is about drought resistant landscape.

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