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Nov 23rd

So that their meals are not only excellent in flavor but also in color. The lamps that hang from the ceiling in this case cover with their light the whole of the table. The clarity they produce is enough to satisfy the most demanding. Their designs are very simple white boxes that illuminate the dining room. A round table has its lamp in the center of it as it should be. The table lamps we see in this image locate in the auxiliary furniture serve to illuminate that space of the dining room that using only the lamp on the table would be in the dark. This room is large enough to need these two auxiliary lamps.

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Subsequently, little lamps on the table are simply a motif of the decor that at a dinner in the evening would look really terrific. In the rectangular table, sober and simple the two modern pendant lights do very well their role of lighting it. In the rest of the dining room the lighting should be given with lamps embedded in the ceiling. The lamp follows the design of the table, illuminating all the central part and the posts of each diner. The glass windows help very well in daylight hours to the lighting of this room.

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Modern pendant lights – In any room in your house lighting is a very important detail. You must agree that a dimly lit dining room is not in any respect pleasant. In this place where you share the food which you have to see very well what you are eating. The colors of these food are very important part of your presentation. Without light there’s absolutely no color! Thus, if the lighting of the dining room is deficient the food although the preparation with care will not know equal to nobody since part of the satisfaction is to enjoy also its physical appearance.

In the dining rooms you may put the clamps on the ceiling or walls, but it is imperative that you have one on the table. It must be taken into account that the distance between the lamp and the surface of the table cannot be less than 80 cm because otherwise it would annoy the diners. A beautiful square table large enough for 8 people. In this case we have to light so that the 8 diners have a great amount of modern pendant lights.

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