Epoxy Basement Floor Coating

Nov 19th

Epoxy Basement Floor Coating – Can you have a basement with a concrete floor that you simply can not understand how to seal? If the answer is yes, then explore epoxy flooring as a remedy that looks great and protects the floor against abuse. Children can be quite rowdy on long days when all it does is rain outside. And that are why we use our space primarily as a playroom. With the floor coated they have an ideal playground for all they wish to do. But they aren’t exactly on the wet concrete.

An epoxy basement floor coating is really compose of two liquids; the resin and the hardener. Which when mixed together form an extremely tough, solid surface? Fiberglass construction employs similar materials so if by any means you have been near fiberglass projects, these ingredients are known to you. The only dissimilarity is when you build with fiberglass the strength is offered by a mesh cloth. While when you apply a layer of epoxy to the floor the strength really emanate from the underlying concrete. Epoxy just flakes away it there isn’t some material to offer lateral strength.

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When applying the epoxy basement floor coating to concrete no primer is require. In a garage this can be a problem because there usually are petroleum drip spots. In a basement you will more than likely only need to be concerned about using a fantastic detergent to get up any dirt that has been track in. Once cleaning, the floor must left to dry completely before rolling out the epoxy or it will not adhere properly.

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Be certain to apply some non-slip materials before the covering cures fully when you apply your epoxy basement floor coating. Epoxy cures very hard and tough so it can be slippery if water or juice spills out on it. You have an option of sand like material, which is actually too rough for my choice, or color chips. I love the chips as they add another element of color to the surface. Either you can decide on complementary hue or a totally different color from the base material. Whichever choice, it makes the floor appear much better than that unappealing gray from the concrete and it addresses the sliding problems. Ensure you can leave the windows open for one or two days if you choose to apply an epoxy floor because the fumes can be extremely irritating.

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