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Jan 13th

Keurig platinum k75 – Each person has their preferred coffee brewing system. There are those who prefer the conventional Italian coffee maker, while others are clear that for them the best coffee is obtain with a modern capsule coffee maker. Despite being such a popular beverage. Most people don’t know about the wide variety of coffee brewing systems. And are limit to 3 or 4 of the usual procedures. However, coffee has been prepare in many ways throughout history. Each culture has had some preferences when preparing this drink. And has coffee use procedures and utensils of the most varied, ingenious and peculiar.

The finer we grind the contact surface, the more we increases. And the faster the soluble (which give us the flavor) dissolve.  If we make a filter coffee, we need to have a grinding that allows dissolving enough properties of the coffee, in a specific time. To understand this better you have to know the 2 major systems to infuse coffee. Immersion infusion:  the water is in continuous contact with the coffee during the infusion of about 4 to 6 minutes. As in the coffee tasting or in the French press system.

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One of the attendees of the Coffee Masterclass last week is a hotel owner. And would like to create a different experience with coffee. Not only with espresso, but especially with the new techniques of keurig platinum k75. But… this is not so easy when you start with these methods. And for this I want to share with you. Aside from selecting a special coffee, with roasting suitable for filter, you have to know how to grind your coffee properly to extract all the good (… and nothing of the bad). The major objective with grinding is to increase the contact surface of the coffee with the water.

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Drip infusion: the hot water passes through your coffee. And is”dripping” with a speed that depends mainly on the thickness of the grind. Moreover, material and the type of the filter influences the amount of coffee. The water temperature and the barista technique. Since the beginning of the 20th century, keurig platinum k75 has been produce. It consists of applying a fix and constant pressure together with water at a certain temperature and for a short time (25/30 seconds). A dose of around 7 grams of coffee is use for each cup that is usually ground fine to get a cup of coffee (about 30/35 ml) of dense, aromatic and slightly bitter body.

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