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Feb 3rd

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Half log siding – Homes and log Cabinets have been understand. However, those assembled with logs haven’t been widely researched. It’s an ecological construction. And it takes advantage of natural material and particularly portions of logs which are usually burn off in a chimney. It can be spoken of houses made out of firewood. The name give into the bits and stumps or pieces of wood that serves as fuel for heating or cooking. Those same pieces can be utilized like they were bricks or blocks to lift outside and interior walls. The term in which this is understand in English is Cordwood homes. It is identifies with the green green construction as it’s also telephone in English.

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Build using pieces of half log siding defines interest from the trend in architecture according to ecological concepts. It’s a good alternate to generate garden houses, sheds, and outdoor summer kitchens. And additionally residential homes, and save money. The wall design together with pieces of timber could withstand loads. Or it can be construct at a timber frame form with sticks and beams for structural reinforcement. The structure with this ecological technique is an economical alternative to the traditional structure of whole natural trunks. The sustainable and biodegradable materials like sawdust, firewood, poles, fence posts parties. And logging deposit, are excellent for ecological building.

The layouts of these homes are base on exceptional ideas. Subsequently the result from creative dreams and are a cheap form of structure. The structure using pieces of logs or pieces of timber. In English Cordwood or masonry with firewood describes a system of pure structure which uses pieces of trunks are bark. And additionally bits of logs piled to produce a wall with mortar to repair the elements. Adobes of different composition are also utilize to create layouts of unusual wall. But they are both functional and attractive.

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Half log siding construction technique with all these parts of wood uses mortar to repair the elements on the wall. And in very cold places, such as northern Canada, 36-inch walls have been built. The houses made for this technique are attractive for their unconventional look. Subsequently maximized interior space, resource market, ease and simplicity of ecological construction. The timber represents 40 to 60 percent of their design of the walls. The rest is made up of blend of filler and mortar insulation. They are more energy-efficient, and reveal beautiful architectural layouts.

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