Garage Epoxy Flooring Style

Nov 19th

White or off-white base colors are available from most manufacturers of garage epoxy flooring. The high durability epoxy base makes it more easy to keep up a light-colored floor without fear of dyeing. However, white and off-white garage floors tend to show dirt easier than darker colors and may require more routine cleaning. Many epoxy manufacturers offer a variety of brown tones, from light beige through medium brown. These colors are unlikely to show dirt but are uninteresting without the addition of color flakes. Brown epoxy base with color flakes in a similar color range can be made to look like stones.

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Grays are common both in conventional garage floor paint and in epoxy paint. Both neutral and cool gray shades are available, but hot gray is less common. As a brown epoxy base, you can combine gray base with complementary color flakes to produce a stone-like texture. Black high gloss garage epoxy flooring is attractive, but difficult to maintain. Black goes well with epoxy’s tendency to a shiny finish and gives a striking look. But this glistening finish slows easily and may need as much cleaning as a white floor. Black floors can also produce a garage appear darker and are not always appropriate for structures with bad lighting or few windows.

Garage epoxy flooring – Epoxy is a durable coating that many folks use on their garage floors; it manages oil and greasy stains, is easy to clean and carries much better than paint. Epoxy comes in different colors, so you can produce a dull gray garage floor with an attractive color. Buy an epoxy kit at your neighborhood hardware dealer; it comes with paint and hardener you mix to make epoxy. Adding epoxy paint can do a lot to make a stained, irregular garage floor look much better. Epoxy paint is relatively expensive, but lasts much longer than ordinary garage paint. Two-part epoxy coatings are easy to clean, durable and unlikely to chip or crack. Epoxy coatings come in a limited selection of base color colors that homeowners can add color chips to conceal damaged concrete or only add interest.

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Besides the neutral, most garage epoxy manufacturers offer epoxy base in a limited assortment of brighter colors. Dimmed red and blue is the most common, but green epoxy is also available. Other colors are rare and are primarily in the form of color flakes to add a more subdued base.

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