Grain Silo House History

Nov 17th

The archaeological remains found and texts from the ancient world show that grain silo house was already used in ancient Greece. At least from the 8th century. In ancient Rome, large silos (holes) were excavated in the ground, plastered with clay and burned to harden it. Where the roasted grain was preferably stored for long-term storage. The first modern grain silo house, in 1873 Fred Hatch of McHenry County (Illinois) USA was invent and built in wood and vertical position and as a deposit of grains. Meanwhile, the tower grain silo house is a structure of generally 4 to 8 m in diameter and 10 to 25 m in height. Its original design is due to the North American engineer Franklin Hiram King.

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Grain silo house – A silo (the Greek σιρός – Siros,”pit or hole to preserve grain”) is a building designed to store grain and other materials in bulk. Is part of the collection cycle of agriculture? The most common are cylindrical, resembling a tower, built of wood, reinforced concrete or metal. Currently the original design for agriculture has been adapted to other uses in the industry, using silos to deposit various materials. Such as cement, and have also adapted to the military area, using silos for storage and handling missiles.

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In Australia many villages in grain sowing areas have concrete towers grain silo housefor grains group surrounding towns. And also stored for road transport or rail to a port of export. While the grain silo house bunker is trenches usually made of concrete are filled and compressed with tractors and loading machines. Their cost is low and they are suitable for very large operations. These silos are usually discharged using tractors and loaders. They are spherical in shape. And have a tube to pass the food to a processing plant.

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It can be constructed of materials. Tower silos that only store silage are usually discharged from the top. This task was originally done by hand with rakes. But is done with mechanical unlades. Sometimes chargers are used to collect from the lower parts. But there are problems to make repairs and with the silage that is embedded in the walls of the structure. An advantage of tower grain silo house is that silage tends to pack well thanks to its own weight. With the exception of a few meters from the very top.

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