Hot Mop Shower Pan

Feb 20th

Slip a coot into one of the slices in the hot mop shower pan. The scale shower panes outside the shower floor, using the lever for leverage. Remove each shower pan section, using the exact same curious method. Throw the old hot shower pan. Remove the remains of the hot mop first asphalt bearing from the shower floor with a floor scraper. Clean the shower floor with a brush and shovel. Following appropriate measures when building a shower pan is crucial to avoid expensive leaks down the line.

The edge is the elevated threshold directly below the shower door location. This curb retains shower water from overflowing into your bathroom. This is clearly shown in the image above. You want the height of the sidewalk to be about 6 1/2″above the top of the shower drain. This will provide for the standard 8″ high finished sidewalk when tiles are installed.

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Cut the seam between the hot mop shower pan and the floor well, using a matt knife. Usually it takes several passages of the knife blade to completely cut through the shower pan seven or more layers. Slide through the hot mop shower pan from the floor well to each corner, using a knife. Work the knife all the way through the shower pan along each disc until its leaf reaches the shower floor.

Tie all tiles from the shower floor, using a hammer and chisel to break the tile free from its mortar base. Break the tile’s mortar base into small pieces using hammer and chisel to crush the mortar base. The tray often places a 4-inch-thick mortar base on top of the hot mop shower pan. The mortar base creates tile floor slope and often weighs 100 lbs. or more. Put tiny pieces of mortar into a bucket and throw the garbage.

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The hot mop installations rock the shower floor with melted asphalt, and then a layer of No. 15 felt paper on top of the hot asphalt. The installer continues to apply alternate layers until the shower pan contains at least seven layers, ending with asphalt bearing on top. A damaged hot mop shower pan needs all of its layers to be removed before a new shower pan can be installed.


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