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Nov 22nd

Perfect for working with small parts and holding any screws while unscrewing. If you are going to work with electricity, make sure they are insulation. Thin point pliers are also recommend. Without a hammer you will not be able to nail a simple nail. To hang a painting or to fix a chair or a table. Guarantee that the hammer has ears so you can nail old cloves. More specifically a cutter or set of blades. Perfect for stripping cables (in the absence of a wire stripper), cutting plastics etc..

It tries to have a level; it is a tool of great utility. To seal a window, a tub or washboard joint etc.. These are the most basic and necessary tools that should not be missing in a home for any problems that may arise. Without becoming household tool kit there are objects or articles equally important and necessary to perform any task. Like for example screws and nails. If your toolbox has these items. It is sure that doing any task at home will be much easier and more convenient to do. If the tools for a correct work are important, it is not less the protection like gloves, masks etc..

In this way we will always have on hand tools to correctly fix anything, such as a plug, a door, a faucet and several other things that are usually broken at home and that for lack of tools sometimes and others for lack of knowledge we do not. And to say if you are a do-it-yourself lover, the difference between a good tool and a bad one decides the finish of the work.

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A good set of screwdrivers is very important as well as very useful. Nowadays practically everything is screw. Everything needs screwdrivers, having a set of them both star and flat is indispensable. It is also important that you have some insulation in case you have to fix some plug. They are just as critical as screwdrivers, a good wrench or a set of fixedhousehold tool kit wrenches can help you solve some other problem with a faucet or a chair, a table, a furniture, etc..

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