How To Change An Exterior Door Knobs And Lock

Feb 17th

Push the exterior door knobs two stems, with the knobs connected. And through the hole before the door, making sure that the knob with the keyhole is on the outside and the knob with the lock release button is on the inside. The stems of these knobs will fit through the rear end of the closure unit, which will be visible in the gap. And then insert and tighten the two long knob screws on the base of the inner knob. Test the lock and the locking mechanism’s operation.

Locking assemblies and knob today integrated into their specific locking units, replacing the knobs means replacing the lock, too. This is easier than it sounds. Make sure that the knob and lock unit you buy tuned and designed for exterior doors. Use the screwdriver to remove the two screws from the front edge of the current lock unit, from the top and bottom of the latch. Remove the two screws at the base of the exterior door knobs on the inside of the door. Remove all parts. You will have holes through the face and facing the door, which intersect each other.

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Exterior door knobs come in various types and styles. Dead bolts provide greater security for the exterior doors of a home. Replacing the locks can also go a long way in upgrading your door. Many types of exterior door hardware including door knobs. And also levers and combination hand sets are available in many colors and finishes. Some exterior handles also include the dowel and the handle assembly all in one piece. Changing door and pin hardware is a simple task that even a newbie can finish within a comparatively short period of time. If the outer exterior door knobs is wobbly right, twisted or does not work, it might be time to replace it.

Measure the front edge of the door in the middle of the hole before the door. Use that measure to get the appropriate sized knob and lock unit. Set the door latch assembly front of the door, pushing all the way in until the latch is set against the door. Make sure that the angled side of the latch faces the front (exterior) of the door. Screw the front edge of the door with the two screws that come with the unit. And then using the identical screw holes that were left in the door of the previous unit.

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