How To Install Pool Deck Drain

Mar 11th

Install the safety pool deck drain. Set the cap ring and drain adapter, if used, into the main drain sump in the mounting frame. Push down firmly on the adapter ring so that the safety drain cover sits flush against the bottom of the pool. Attach the drain cap and ring to the sump with stainless steel screws supplied with a screwdriver. Tighten the screws evenly so that the ring is securely attach to the sump. If your drain cover safety has a cover plate. Grease the edges of the cover plate with pipe thread sealant. And place the cover plate on the drain cover, sealed with the adapter ring. Insert the screws again through the cover plate and adapter ring.

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Pool deck drain – A pool safety drainage cover works to prevent the powerful suction of a pool drain from making a complete closure that could trap a person’s body against the drain, or tangled hair, possibly resulting in drowning or being dismembered. The law is designed to improve the security of children by requiring all pools and spas have drain covers compatible with the American society of mechanical engineers and the American national standards Institute.

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Pool deck drain installation,

Installing pool deck drain,

Decide on the suitability of installing the drain cap underwater or with pool deck drain. The quickest method is to install the drain cap under water without emptying the pool. Installing underwater can prevent additional health and safety risks associated with pool drainage including gypsum damage and having to balance water again by adjusting alkalinity, calcium hardness, and chlorine stabilizer. However, if you opt to install the underwater drain cover. You need to hire a certified diver with scuba gear to remove the main drain cover and install a new one.

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Ensure that the pool deck drain and all supplies you need are close. Remove drain cover and screws. Assess the distance between the oil sump outlet pipe. If you are using one. Insert the bolts into the frame adapter ring from the inside, in case you have an adapter ring. Screw them in enough so that the screws protrude beyond the adapter ring. Attach the safety drain cap to the ring with screws.

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