How To Remove Stains From Wood Bar Tops

Mar 3rd

Remove the chalk from your wood bar tops with toothpaste (not gel). Rub the toothpaste on the mark with a damp cloth. You might also try using a mixture of 50 percent toothpaste and 50 percent baking soda, which is also believed to remove white water stains. Remove dark spots using the xylene or Goof Off. Dip a small amount on the stain with a cotton swab. Your purpose is to solve and take out the component of the target that is colored. Remove stains caused by milk products by rubbing them with a cloth dipped in ammonia. Wipe with a dry cloth. Remove dried stains by creating a paste of rattan stone or a fine powdered pumice stone and linseed oil. Rub the pasta on the stain with a soft cloth. Repeat until the stain is gone.

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Clean up stains as quickly as possible with regular wood bar tops cleaner. Many stains will be removed by this procedure if it is done soon after the stain appears. Remove white stains and water marks by placing a cotton strap over the stain. Using a dry iron with no steam, press the canvas for several seconds. Remove the cloth and inspect the stain. Repeat until watermarks are gone. Remove white stains and some dark spots by rubbing them with a cloth soaked in a lacquer finish. You may want to rub for several minutes. Mineral spirits will remove the wax on the furniture without damaging the finish.

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The area will seem boring when done, but it can be solved by adding a layer of furniture wax. Remove grease stains by pouring salt directly onto the stain. Let the salt sit there for several minutes. Remove the salt and repeat until fat is gone. Polar area with a great wood polish when done. You could also remove fat stains by placing a cloth dipped in wood detergents on the stain. Allow the cloth to sit for five minutes and then remove. Remove protein stains, such as food or urine, by rubbing the area with a white cloth dipped in a wash cloth. Rub as long as five minutes, check the stain every minute. This can damage some surfaces, so try it in a hidden area first. This is also believed to work with water stains.

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Wood bar tops – If you spot a stain on your wooden furniture, you may be bad at how to remove it. While some will say the only alternative is to refinish, you may want to try one of the options shown here before going to such extremes. It helps in case you know what kind of stain it is before you begin. Do not use these techniques on furniture that may be valuable or old. Instead, consult an antique dealer before doing more harm than good.

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