How To Tie The Hardware To Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades?

Jan 26th

You do not have to decide how the Roman shades are opened when you install the hardware. So when you want to open the shadow from the top and bottom or from the bottom, you can install four brackets. Instructions to tie the hardware to top down bottom up roman shades is starting with measure 3 inches from both windows frame top corners and place a marker with pencil. Repeat this goal on the two lower corners of the windowsill arm. Shades wider than 40 inches require the use of additional brackets.

Skip this step if your shadow is 40 inches wide or smaller. Sixth, load the top down bottom up roman shadow head rail into two upper mounting brackets. Slide the shadow and back to the center, the over-window opens. Push the lock tab closed to hold the mind rail in place. Slide a bracket on each of the lower edges of the shadow. Keep a level against the bracket edges and right as needed. And the last, drive the screws by holding down the brackets to secure them. So, the ending.

Fourth, set the level back on the mounting bracket. Line up the second top Wall mounting bracket with the mark you made in step 1. Put the bracket top edge against the flat so it is even with the bracket you mounted in step 3. Adjust the level and use the supplied screws to secure the bracket. Fifth, assess the distance between the two brackets. In case the top down bottom up roman shades is longer than 40 inches, you need more brackets. Specifies the distance between the two brackets on the variety of additional brackets you require. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to find the ideal amount of brackets for your shadow length and install them the same way you installed the previous two.

Second, decide if you want to mount the brackets of top down bottom up roman shades inside or outside the window. An inside mount, install the brackets on the underside of the top window frame. For an outside mount, install the brackets on the trim’s surface or the wall directly above the trim. Keep a level against the bracket top edge and adjust the bracket as essential. Put the level aside. Drive the supplied screws through the bracket holes to secure in place.

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