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Mar 11th

Double oven kitchen design,

Side by side double oven – Surely many have happened that you would have wanted to have two ovens in the kitchen. It occurred to me recently that while I kept hot the first course I wish to bake a few flakes for the appetizer. As the idea of ​​having two ovens is a utopia. At that time I would have loved to have the new double convection oven, which cooks at two temperatures. On the outside is an oven simply likes everyone else. It occupies the exact same size and looks like any other. Such as polished steel, black glass, two retractable wheels and an LED display with red digits. But inside it hides a system of double convection. And double temperature that will delight the lovers of this cooking system.

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In the case of electric furnaces also have temperature variations, although not as marked as those of gas. In fan ovens, the temperature is equivalent on all levels. So that the dishes that are baked at the same time will require the same temperature. Many kitchens carry an automatic time control. So you can’t only prepare a complete meal in the side by side double oven. But also leave it program several hours before, put the food with the controls ready, leave. And, when returning, have it ready to serve. It can take a while for the idea to bake several dishes at the same time. But as soon as you have planned and baked two or three complete meals. And you know which dishes are best made in different positions of the oven; you will discover how others adapt recipes.

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The idea is simple; two fans create two independent flows of air. Its allows us to create two spaces with a difference of up to 75 ° C temperature, which is not enough. Also, odors do not mix. So, we can be baking a cake at bottom for dessert. While we gratin on top macaroni for meal. If we want to use whole oven, we simply remove separator tray and go. I will not deny that I am tempted a little by this side by side double oven. That I have been wanting to try it, and that I am not very confectioner. That normally I only use it to prepare baked rice, to make pizzas, grainer and little more. So I imagine that those who could not live without an oven would be delight to have one in kitchen.

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