Installing Electric Driveway Gates

Nov 9th

Such is the technological advance that has had this particular sector of the industry. That today we have doors equipped with sensors that detect the presence of a car in front of the garage. In these circumstances facial recognition systems, voice, or he sent some type of code or key that opens the door safely. Before installing electric driveway gates at home, it is necessary to evaluate the available space. Some models open upwards, winding up on the roof, over the entrance to the garage. This option is ideal for small spaces, such as those garages that only fit the car.

No doubt, the engine is the heart of electric driveway gates automation system. Before discussing the step-by-step installation of an automatic door, let’s look at the types of motors available in the market. As the name suggests, this type of motor is suitable for large doors. They have been designed for the opening of doors of more than 20 square meters that incorporate bars of gear. The industrial rolling motor has a microprocessor that makes it possible to operate it with a remote control. They also support the use of sensors, detectors and even barriers.

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Electric driveway gates – Installing an electric driveway gates in a garage or the access of an enclosure, is a solution that brings comfort, comfort and safety to the inhabitants of the house. The building or the community of neighbors where this solution is adopted. Since its inception. These systems have had an exceptional reception, especially by those who enter and leave their homes by car, as they should not get out of the vehicle to enter the house, simply press a button to the door to open automatically. Installing an automatic door has helped to avoid robberies in many places. But security is not the only argument to make use of this technology. Many times, inclement weather makes it very difficult to open the garage door manually.

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Others open sideways and some models slide sideways, forming an alley where the car will enter. The way of opening depends, as we have already noted, on the available space, the size of the car and the possibility on the floor and roof of the garage to install the accessories required by each of these automatic doors. As for prices, these vary according to the sophistication of the system. Some manufacturers include robotizing and home automation options which of course significantly increase the value of the automatic door, although the benefits, comfort and safety they offer are very interesting.

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