Installing Recessed Light Fixtures In Roof

Jan 24th

Recessed light fixtures – In order to install cellulose insulation around recessed lamps, you must first determine if the lamps are rated for insulation. Installing recessed lighting is a great addition to most homes. You can change the look of a room by simply changing lighting in the room. First, decide how you want your new lighting to be used. There are three distinct types of lighting to choose from. General lighting spreads the light throughout a wide selection. Spotlight spotlights a specific area in a room. Accent lighting focuses on a particular object, such as a painting or sculpture. Close power resource. Always make sure the power is turned off before manipulating with wires.

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Wire your recessed light fixtures. Remove the plate from the light junction box and securely insert a cable into the box. Use wire nuts, band 1 inch from the wires and pin them to the wires in the connector box (black to black, white to white, and earth to earth). Set the cables in the connector box and snap the cover. Mount light. Put the light in the hole and screw the luminary into place. Add trim. Screw bulbs.

Turn on your power source. Strongly consider using the power source from a current fixture. This will make the installation recessed light fixtures much easier. Be sure to use all the installation tools that come with your kit. Skip a step or decide not to use a certain part can cause problems in the future. If you have no previous experience with electrical wiring, you might want to consult a professional. This can be a dangerous process if done wrong.

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Cut the hole. Select areas in the roof where you want to install the recessed light fixtures. Use a control detector to find roof beams. Position lights between the rules where the threads are running. Use the template that comes with recessed lighting, easily track that circle at your designated location. Using a tool knife, carefully cut out of the circle. It is necessary that the circle is quite accurate.  Locate electrical wire and carefully pull the cable from the ceiling through the pit and leave 16 inches of extra cable. If you do not set the lights between lines where the threads are running, you must insert a wire by running a cable from a power source to a switch box and back through the hole.

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