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Feb 29th

Lean to roof,

One more proposal made by the professionals of Armet is to innovate with the design and the mixture of shingles. Here the roof leaves its classic brown tone. And acquires a much more sober color as it is black. Besides leaves to the side the undulations in the design. And it resorts to the simplicity of the circular and small. These remarkable changes, given the typical idea of ​​a tile. Respond to the needs of the classic style which leaves aside the traditional and lean to roof more for the sophisticated. One detail to highlight is the change of tile at the edges.

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Plans for lean to,

The tile, given its material that was originally of artisan origin. It has a traditional load and is precisely why it becomes the best element to contrast with the iconic materials of the avant-garde. Whose highlight is necessary therefore what is sought before everything is to stand out. That tiles are really recurrent to cover ceilings whose shapes are incline either. Because in this way they look more, or because it is the way to stick better to the traditional. And whose shape is not so similar to the one that can be categorize as classic.

Lean to roof – Nothing like the tile to show that when something is place in the preference of people for the uniqueness it has. This is the situation experience by these pieces that together can be one of the most beautiful. And adornments that can be use to decorate a ceiling. We invite you to know ideas different houses that use these small articles. And despite having different styles. None resisted putting a roof and thus join the faithful followers of this standard decorative element.

One of the elements that best complement a roof is wood, since its allusion to the traditional impregnates of the classic one to the small tiles of own they carry an old essence. That is why in this minimalist idea Armet resorts to the pure form. And the intense tone to decorate the whole upper part of this house that denotes the purity of the materials with which it was made. Without the greater interest to conceal its composition.

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