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Jan 13th

Now you simply have to measure distances well, cut slats to right size and start placing them one by one. If your bathroom is small but you like color. Then you can set tiles in white and add some decorative border in your favorite color to make contrast. And bathroom will seem different. Valances can be use to frame a mirror to delimit various areas of bath. Turquoise, red, black, white, gray. Two colors of same range coordinated with each other. There are tiles of same size and shape that you can use in different colors to create a decorative border.

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Vertical vinyl siding – are created for interiors and are placed easily on any surface, from cement walls to tiled surfaces. This simple fact makes whole process much easier, since there is no need to remove old tiles to pay for bathroom walls. As material is water resistant it can be set in bathrooms and kitchens, even though it is not advisable to install it inside shower spaces. Another advantage of vinyl siding is that it has very simple maintenance. To clean them and leave them perfect it is enough to pass a cloth dampened in water and soap. One way to customize bathroom without works are decorative friezes of vinyl, easy to apply and economical. You are able to transform bathroom for very little and in just an hour.

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You just have to follow instructions on how to stick these forms of valances that also because of their composition are very resistant to humidity. And we do not have to be worry if they take off or not, because of water or steam that accumulates in bathroom. To install this type of vertical vinyl siding you do not need aid of a professional or many tools. Most are self-adhesive, and therefore you will not need all kinds of glue. Nevertheless, it is not too much to reinforce attachment with multi-use adhesive or double-side foam.

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Get yourself a level of bubble, a meter, a cutter and a pencil, and you are able to get down to work. In a few hours you will be finishing. First thing to think about is how you wish to put slats, whether horizontal or vertical. Also think if you want to cover all walls of your bathroom, only one, or make a frieze half a height. It’s up to you. In practice, start by preparing wall so that it is clean and dry. You are able to apply a primer. This will assist vertical vinyl siding pieces adhere better to surface. Do it, especially, in walls that are not in very good condition or have dust difficult to remove completely.

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