Making 8×10 Picture Frame

Nov 23rd

Take your picture to a craft shop. Consider the selection of matt aboard. Put the photo against different colors of the board to determine what shows best. Avoid very bright colors, which will probably overpower your photograph; Gray, coal and brown work with most color or monochrome images. Pick a suitable frame size for your picture. The difference between the dimensions of your photograph and the dimensions of your frame determines the width of your matte board boundary. This is down to personal preferences, but as a general guide, an 8×10 picture frame needs to have a border of 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide and an 8×10-inch photograph should have an edge 2-2 1/2 inches wide.

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Turn the 8×10 picture frame over and fog on the back of it with a spray gun. Hold the photo on opposite corners, turn it back and lay it on board on board. Place a clean paper over the photo and smooth it with your hand, working in a direction with firm, even pressure to avoid air bubbles. Delete any visible pencil marks from the board after the photo has been set. Take your frame apart and lay the glass on a hard, flat surface. Wipe both sides of it with a fresh, dry, cloth cloth to remove dust and dirt. Put the glass back into the frame, careful not to leave fingerprints. Place the photo on the mat board aboard the glass, with the image downward. Secure frame back together; it is now ready to show on your plate or hang on your wall.

The width of the border at the top and either side of the photo should be equal, and the lower limit should be wider by 1/4 to 2/1 inches. Ask an employee to cut that board to the exact size of the frame. Place your photo and mat with a hard, flat surface. Trim your photo, if required, with steel straight edge and knife. Put the photo on matt board until you are in the perfect position. Carefully mark the board in each corner of the photo with pen.

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8×10 picture frame add personal touches to your home decor, whatever your specific style is. To avoid the expense of a professional freak, learn to mat and frame your photos yourself. Read inspirational magazines and to help you choose from the massive array of frames available from department stores, art shops and online. As well as framing photos for you, framing special photos for family and friends to create thoughtful, affordable gifts.

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