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Mar 4th

Draw a 32-inch line, in length, over the 2-inch center of your 1-of-4-of-32-inch board. Draw eight perpendicular lines across the first row, divided four inches apart, with the two external lines 2 inches away from the ends of the board. This board will serve as the top of your metal magazine rack, to hold onto. Drill a 2-inch hole through the board at each intersection of the lines. Delete the remaining pencil marks.

Place both discs on the edge so that they are parallel and 38 inches apart. Put plywood on top of the boards so that edges are flush, and drill holes through plywood and into boards. The holes should be 1/2 inch away from 32-inch edge plywood. Space the holes 4 inches apart. Screw plywood to boards using eight 2-inch screws. Sand rack uses medium and fine sandpaper. Wipe the racket with a please cloth and apply the bets. Allow the stain to dry according to the instructions on the label.

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Place a plastic sheet down on the work surface to protect it from the paint. Paint the metal magazine rackwith a brush. Apply a smooth layer of paint and allow it to dry. Apply a metallic gold glaze to the color rack which has a small cloth. Bade glaze on the color rack, twist your hand so the pattern of the cloth creates a random texture to the color rack. Allow the paint rack to dry overnight before using it.

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Metal magazine rack turns an unsightly wall piece into a functional artwork. Whether you use color or decoupage to decorate your plate rack, decide what plates will appear on the plate rack and take your color queues from such tiles. Look for colors and patterns that complement the tiles so that you have a consistent and uniform look when the disc stand is ready and on the wall.

Tear decorative paper into strips of random sizes and shapes. Paint the plate rack with decoupage medium. Place the decorative paper pieces over the counter. Turn the papers so that they are applied in a random way and go in all directions. Paint another layer of decoupage media across the entire plate rack; seal the paper to the metal magazine rack.

Metal magazine rackcan be constructed in many shapes and sizes to hold a different number of guns. A simple gun rack will support the gun with its butt, with a slit or hole for the pipe. The gun will rest on this rack in a vertical position. This type of design allows the weapon to sit safely without chance falling outside the rack. Metal magazine rack is often made of hardwoods such as walnut or oak. Hard ensure durability and stability of the rack and often match or complement the hardwood of the cannons on display.

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