Metallic Epoxy Flooring Paint For Floor

Feb 21st

Such as: laboratories, communities, institutions and Commercial premises. Also sports areas (athletics courts, paddle courts, etc.) and recreational locations. Applications of metallic epoxy flooring paint in the home; the great advantage of metallic epoxy flooring paints for the home is that they can applied directly to the current floor. If it is a ceramic or tile floor, it is necessary to apply a leveling layer to cover the joints. The finish is bright, but allows the addition of various elements or techniques of shutdown if it is not to the taste of the user. Applied on wood gives a very decorative and modern effect, but it is essential to remove all the rest of varnish or previous paint to repair the irregularities with a mixture of vinyl glue and sawdust.

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Becoming a hard, shiny and resistant coating. The paintings made with epoxy resin have multiple uses: boats and marine environments, adhesives, insulation, plastics and textiles and also as a protection system on concrete. That’s why it comes with each of these products in two containers, one. The metallic epoxy flooring paints is combination with polyamide and polyamine.

Metallic epoxy flooring – Polyurethane and epoxy floors come forward whenever the floor at home has to be fluff free, in pangfarves, glossy and not to escape. The materials have understood in the industry for a long time. And now homeowners also have the opportunity to get the weary and epoxy floors. Soil options are increasing in quantity and quality thanks. To the solutions is added epoxy paint, which has become a trend. For sports facilities and car parks, but for all types of companies.

These to realize wet strength, solvents, acids and salts coatings. Applications of metallic epoxy flooringpaint for floors; the high resistance to wear of epoxy paint for floors can used in the most demanding conditions. It is used to protect metal structures, to cover ponds and pools. For floors in others and sanitary installations that take a high level of hygiene. Such as the food and beverage industries. In general outdoors in extreme conditions of humidity and temperature. They are ideal for coating large surfaces that have to be perfectly smooth, without joints, impermeable and easy to clean. Because of this metallic epoxy flooring are also use in some place.

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