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Mar 3rd

Pre Rinse Faucet – The faucet is one of the most crucial elements of the bathroom, both for its practical function and its aesthetics, as they can enhance the style of a bathroom. Therefore, it is very crucial to combine both functions in the same faucet and that is achieved with a certain type of faucet. If you would like to know more, we show you the advantages of single handle faucets. The regulation of the flow is more comfortable since it has two ceramic discs that with a single gesture permit the passage or not of the water. The ideal temperature is simpler to achieve. With a single handle and with a slight twist we get to regulate the temperature of the water of a more precise way than with the standard faucets.

Activating the boiler with the consequent consumption. To avoid these two disadvantages, currently, the single-handle pre rinse faucet incorporates a double opening system, are faucets with two rankings. When you lift the handle to use the water, it offers a first stop that causes the faucet to supply 50% of its flow. If you need more flow you have to raise the handle all the way to the second stop. With this simple method, we achieved significant savings.

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With elegant and slender lines, it contributes personality to the stay without diminishing protagonist to the decoration of the bathroom. Saving water. We can regulate the flow of water to the time we open the tap, so we can adjust this to the use that we are going to give in a much more precise way than with traditional taps. They have a longer life since the ceramic discs have a greater durability than the parts that the conventional faucets.

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When installing a single handle pre rinse faucet, it is crucial to look at where you open the handle to prevent it from touching the wall. It is critical to make sure that the rinse faucet chooses fits the space where it is to be install. Be careful with the opening.  People tend to always open to the maximum, so they almost always supply the maximum flow without being necessary.

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