New 2 Sided Fireplace For Space Separation

Nov 25th

The idea of ​​using a fireplace as a space divider usually requires integrating it into a custom-built structure. This type of structures are usually build in plasterboard. And also they are internally line with ant flammable material and externally with all kinds of materials. Such as stone or porcelain stoneware, paint, wood laminates, wallpaper, etc to give them the aesthetic touch. The hollow leaving the chimney in this structure can be left completely open (as in classic chimneys of the whole life). Or partially cover with a glass, very typical of those of bioethanol chimneys. But in any case it is precisely this hollow that Pass the light. And the vision of what is on the other side and the one that gives grace to the structure.

2 sided fireplace – Now that the autumn cool arrives and we begin to miss the heating, what better than talking about fireplaces and go preparing the decoration of the room for the cold. As we have already commented, the evolution in the world of chimneys from those rustic typical of the country houses has been abysmal, finding nowadays multitude of modern chimneys for apartments and urban apartments. At the time we saw some very showy, fireplaces seen, ideal for them to stand out as a decorative element, and this time we will focus on the dual function: as fireplaces and as space separators.

Ideal for separating the dining room from the living area. These types of 2 sided fireplace are nevertheless use for dividing a one-bedroom living room. Marking a hallway or an entrance area. And they are perfect for small flats (where classic partition walls should be limit to Avoiding stresses). Or in very elongated floors in which a block with chimney in the central area leaving the passage to the sides helps to mitigate that longitudinal defect. And to mark zones without losing the perception of visual space.

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Obviously the chimney is not a decorative complement as such, remove and put. The”real” fireplaces need a previous work, and unless you intend to build a villa or single-family dwelling. Its location will be condition to the area where the whole building is locate. However, thanks to the current bioethanol chimneys. It can be place anywhere and do not need to be shot. As your fire is not the usual (it does not produce smoke or sparks). You can consider constructing a 2 sided fireplace to divide areas at home and replace Partitions.

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