Painting Hardwood Floors In Different Techniques And Styles

Nov 29th

Painting hardwood floors white,

Painting hardwood floors – Wooden floors do not have to be as they are. We can give you a face wash with painting through different strategies and styles. Sometimes we consider the wooden floors as conventional and well structured, typical of a classic or rustic decoration, but never modern. If you notice missing chips or chunks, fill them with wood putty. Apply, let dry as much as possible (if it is from one day to the next, much better) and sand again, to leave a neat work surface. Since we have”washed” the wood, we must apply a sealant, which will close the pores and smooth the streaks of the wood.

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Apply the sealant (primer, fixative or whatever, always to water) always starting from the farthest corner of the door, and in that direction. This will stop you from getting trapped in the work area. Leave to dry for not less than 6 hours, to ensure a good fixation. You can use water or oil paints. For practicality and comfort, we recommend using water-based latex painting hardwood floors in the color of your choice. Again, don’t forget to apply a base hand or paint always in the direction of the door, starting from the farthest corner to it. There are various styles of painting that we can offer to simple wood floors.

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If you do not want gradients, but several colors. Let dry one to proceed to the next. Always requesting that it be for exteriors or floors, so that it has better resistance to foot traffic. Apply two to three layers of varnish, allowing drying perfectly between them. Finally, we present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!

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We can make imitation of ceramic, marble, stone and tile finishes, or give it a modern style in simile vinyl finish. Before painting, while letting the fixative dry, take into consideration the design of your floor. It’s possible to perform the stencil technique (using stencils or molds). Or create a linear or geometric pattern, using low-contact adhesive tapes to demarcate the”tiles” or patterns to follow. Remember that if you want to produce gradients, you must apply the first color.

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