Powerful And Resounding Concrete Floor Finishes

Mar 29th

Once decide to adopt the use of concrete seen for decorative purposes, we do not have, much less, why use it throughout our property. It works much better if we use it only in some areas for a more subtle effect. The mixture of the use of concrete seen in interiors with other materials sober like the wood. It is all a wise way to emphasize those elements without not overloading the house. One of the attractions of its use is precisely the contrast between a concrete floor finishes, powerful and resounding. In front of the delicacy and subtlety of plaster or wood partitions.

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And that is well integrate with the rest of the decoration. The upward trend is to choose to decorate with concrete. And take advantage of the rustic part that gives us the raw material to achieve a retro and industrial effect. The concrete seen fits perfectly in the bathroom. But also in the sanitary elements themselves as in wash basins.  Likewise, kitchens are another place where integrating the trend is easier. A polish concrete kitchen countertop is perfect in large kitchens and is more economical than other natural stone countertops.

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Concrete floor finishes – The concrete seen is an element that has normally been used for the construction of large structures or civil works and, of course, for the structures of the houses. But it is more and more common to see it also in the interior of the houses and not only as a structural part. It is a decorative tendency to the rise of which we will see different examples. Concrete has a great number of possibilities of texture.

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Concrete is a material that allows you to apply paint, getting any color in addition to gray. In this case a pink paint has been apply and then a varnish on the front of the kitchen wall.  And allow us to give a different finish depending on the decorative style. The concrete wall is a constructive element that serves as both a structural element and a cladding. In large spaces such as salons is where it is much easier to leave it seen.

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