Repaint Old Cast Iron Bathtubs

Feb 19th

Continue with practice spray paint in a shimmering area in the bathroom. Move the gun from left to right, and then release the trigger to avoid driving in the color. Start spraying the bath moves to the left to the right. Paint the trim on the sides and back. Paint the inside and the underside next. Finish with painting the front edge and outer side of the bathtub. Then, apply as many rocks as recommended by the manufacturer, which may be up to three rocks. Allow the paint to dry between rocks, even according to the manufacturer’s instructions usually between 15 and 30 minutes. Remove protective coatings and tape measurements. Leave the window open until all vapors have cleaned. Let dry overnight before using your new look cast iron bathtubs.

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Cast iron bathtubs – Old-fashioned bathtubs were designed for relaxing in hot water and have bathtubs side passengers over today’s water-efficient bathtubs. Although they are more of a challenge to step in because of their higher sides, old cast iron baths bring character and a touch of nostalgia to the bathroom. The cast iron tubs coated with an enamel finish that could lose their shiny shine after years of slip shed. Painting a cast iron bathtub is a cost effective method of returning the shine of the bathtub, hiding discoloration or changing the color of the bathtub to match your interior preferences.

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Remove tightly around the edge of the bathtub and at the base of thecast iron bathtubs where it meets the floor. Use a razor blade or a five-in-one tool to loosen, carefully, so as not to push out the bathtub or scratch the tiles or floors. Scrub the bathtub with a soap scum remove bathroom cleaning product and a cloth or sponge. Rinse thoroughly and allow the bathtub to dry. Then drive a hands grinder using a sandpaper of about 80 grit across the full bath surface. Apply light and even pressure to”roughen” the surface of the bath for improved adhesion of the adhesive.

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Furthermore, pour the adhesive on a cloth and wipe the bathtub. Turn the cloth to collect fine grained matter through grinding. Cover all surfaces in the bathroom except the bathtub. Spray paint floats on air and can float on surfaces by the cast iron bathtubs. Newspapers, paper for packaging or old sheets can used to cover large areas. Use target tape to keep the blanket in place.   Then, apply old clothes, a hat or scarf to protect your hair and old shoes. Wrap your target tape around your wrists and wrists.

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