Replacement Ideas For Bifold Patio Doors

Mar 8th

Determine coarse-in measurements for the doors. The easiest and most reliable method of doing this is to check the product’s packaging or documentation from the manufacturer. If this is not available, you can use typical framing standards by adding 2 inches to the height and width of the opening. For example, a bifold door for a 48-inch with 80-inch opening may call for a rough-in frame of 50 inches by 82 inches. This allows for the addition of 3/4 inch surface timber around the sides and top, as well as the bottom end.

Swing door

To do this, you can not only place the handles on the opposite side of the doors. Slide up the doors and remove them from the overhead groove and crankcase. Remove the upper and lower brackets and place them on the opposite ends of the door, and install the doors turn in the opposite direction. Bifold doors are a good choice for use in confined spaces where a regular door does not have enough clearance to swing up, like to a laundry alcove, pantry or wardrobe. You can have a rough frame in the opening for your door either in new production, or during a remodeling job. The joinery involved is relatively simple, but it is important that the opening is properly sized and constructed.

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Bifold patio doors are usually placed in such rooms as laundry room and storage room, or wardrobes. These types of doors are sometimes placed between two commonly used rooms in a house, for example between the living room and a dining room. Bifold doors have 2 individual door panels that are joined together. The bifold door slides along an overlying track. How to replace your Bifold doors depends on where they are and how much space is available for new doors.

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If the space is not a concern, replace the bifold patio doors with a swing door. A swing door needs more space around it to fully open and give you access to the room. Instead of a track that Bifold doors use, a swivel door hinge needs to be installed on the frame and the door. Just like a bifold patio doors saves space by folding in the middle when you open it, an accordion-folding door saves even more space and gives you an even bigger open space to enter a room.

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This differs from Bifold patio doors, whose panels fold together to open. Realizing that with bypass doors, at least half of the doorway is always covered by the doors when they open, limiting your access to the room.

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