Sense Of Spaciousness In Metal Kitchen Island

Mar 5th

It is possible to turn the kitchen into the happiest place in your dwelling! Being a place of coexistence with family and friends, including touches in vivid colors makes a lot of sense. The crimson used in excess can be overwhelming to the eye; therefore, Micheas Arquitectos uses only a few strokes of this vibrant tone to create dynamism and joy. In this way, it creates a contrast with the furniture in black and white. We can appreciate the multiple storage spaces that can be gain with a metal kitchen island.  Including the shelf detail for cookbooks.

Designer of Interiors Citlali Villareal, uses this original design of cylindrical form in stainless steel, making of this functional element a decorative piece in the room. The blackboard wall with a face in blue and white mosaics It offers you an excess point of creativity! The distribution of this kitchen does not have any limit, it achieves a total union with its surroundings. The mixture of black and steel furniture gives a high touch of sophistication. Complement by the wood that manages to wrap space in a cozy place. The white walls and ceilings generate an enhancement that enhances the design of this furniture.

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Metal Kitchen Island – having an island inn in the kitchen is ideal, because thanks to its design give us the sense of spaciousness in space. This not only allows a better distribution but also can be integrated with other environments of the house that is why, the island inns have become the pampered in the new kitchen designs. As this space is a meeting place, in which we transform food into food, obtaining an island makes us unite more with the people we live with, providing even closer contact with those who visit us, Several members participate in the activities at the identical time.

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Other advantages that could be draw from this furniture is that it can be use as a daily inn. A place to work and why not, even for a glass of wine. An island inn that will be use for cooking should be given a fantastic amount of light so that it is perfectly lit. So we recommend putting a good light source on it. Arqing in this kitchen has generated three lines of light in aluminum to not have shadows in your work area. One is arranged on the island, another is direct towards the faucet. And the third towards the storage cabinet. One of the points that must be take into account when designing the kitchen is that if the metal kitchen islandwill be destine as the point of cooking, you must have a good extractor hood.

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