Simple Cleaning Diy 6 Burner Gas Stove

Jan 20th

But with the trick that we are going to see now. We can have them clean without effort, almost without staining our hands. Store each burner in an airtight plastic bag that has zip closure or similar. And is the size needed to keep the piece to be clean without opening. Add 50 ml of the cheapest ammonia into the bag. It does not have to be perfume. Close the bag tightly and shake it a little so that the pure ammonia impregnates well the entire surface on which it has to act.

6 burner gas stove – Those who like me have not switched to induction or glass-ceramic, you have (have) a lot of advantages in terms of control of the heat of the flames, economy, as well as being able to use almost any kind of pot, pot or casserole to cook. However, the cleaning of burners, stoves and other metal parts is a real ordeal. Today I’m going to tell you how to clean the stoves smoothly. With a trick that I’m confident you’ll use from now on. No rubbing and rubbing, no odor of ammonia and no effort. With the technique that I am going to teach you, in a few minutes you will have the stoves and burners as new.

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Then, Leave the bag with its contents on the shelf of a window, a terrace or a place where you do not get in the way. He has to act for a couple hours so I do it when I go to bed and I leave it all night. Repeat the operation with the other pieces, leaving them in different bags. And close them tightly so that the ammonia vapors do not escape. The action of this substance and its vapors. It can release the fat form 6 burner gas stove without any work on your part. It is simply a matter of time and that it is well closed.

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So much so, that I had forgotten the true color of mine. Dark gray and that I already thought they were black until they instructed me this system so effective. If your kitchen is gas, you will remember this kitchen trick that will save you time and effort in the kitchen. Inside this situation. Even if we scrub them with a green scourer and add a trickle of our regular dishwasher detergent. We will think6 burner gas stove are still clean. But we will not be able to give them their typical appearance or color.

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