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Mar 10th

We can buy wood in any carpentry or when we find a wood in any container that is in good condition. We like its color and we see fit to present it on a wall. Better yet, cheaper the shelf wood wine racks. First we cut the table to the measures that fit our needs, as long or as short as we want. Then we mark the holes where we are going to hold the wine bottles. Once marked, drill with a circular saw the hole at a 30 degree angle leaving between the hole. And the hole a space of at least 10cm. (If we do not have a saw or the necessary tools. We can go to a joinery and in 30 minutes we have the holes made). Once we have the holes made, with sandpaper we softened them to remove any splinter they might have.

Now that we have the plank prepared. We can only hang it on the wall as if it were a shelf. And insert each bottle into a hole. And we have ready our shelf to boast of our beautiful collection of wine bottles.  In this example the wood wine racks has remained the color of natural wood. But each can give you the look you want. It can be varnished with clear varnish. Or change with a tinted varnish, paint in some color with synthetic enamel, etc.. The important thing is that everyone adapts it to the decoration of your residence. As you see, now your wine bottles will look lovely on your new minimalist wood shelf that you have made yourselves and to your liking for as many bottles as you like.

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Wood wine racks – If you are a wine lover and you like to have your small. Or not so small collection of special wine bottles. Surely you would like to boast of them when guests come or just be able to contemplate them as a work of art hanging on a wall. Well today for all of you we bring you a very simple method to make a shelf for the wine of minimalist design. We only need a wooden board about 25cm wide by 3 or 4cm thick for the length we want, sandpaper, a meter and a pencil. The width can also be modified, but 25cm are the ideal ones to create a solid and resistant shelf where you can expose several bottles of wine.

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