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Nov 20th

It is worth mentioning that there exists in the market a wide array of cement based on polymers made for use in the finished concrete floors covering. And that allow obtaining different types of finishes, colors, and textures. If it is the desire to place this type of floor in places with lower traffic. It is possible to use the well-known common concrete mixed with cold carpenter’s glue. In a proportion of 5 to 1, until forming a homogeneous and thick paste. That will be applying and will spread in the soil evenly with the help of a trowel. Taking care that the surface does not remain uneven or depressed.

The work of polishing the floor is done with a professional straightening or polishing machine incorporating diamond discs. Or resins of an increasingly thin thickness until the surface reaches the desired brightness. This type of finished concrete floors is placed and blistered in precisely the exact same way as any other. Only that its finish is different. It is name textures to have a finish with a texture make by a brush whose bristles are of metal and are separate by 1/2 centimeter. The separation can vary in one sow and the other.

Finished Concrete Floors – You can choose finishes that resemble tile, brick and even natural stone. These textures are popular as they allow achieving a warm and natural environment. And by completing them with stone and wood. It’s possible to create a more refined environment, as it looks, it resembles the texture and feel of quarry stones like marble. Here we can appreciate a room decorated with a rusty concrete floor using a blend of Ocher and Red English colors the decoration of this room is complemented by wooden furniture and stone ornaments allowing a classic rustic finish and wonderful elegance.

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It also significantly reduces the release and accumulation of dust and mites, making cleaning easier. Another advantage that helps to simplify its maintenance is the fact that it does not need to be wax and that its repair is more economical and simple than with other types of flooring. The polish finished concrete floors can, additionally, be dying practically of any pain. Which allows making different combinations with the furniture, the walls and the ceiling of a room. The job of installing a polish concrete floor is simple and basically. Consists of spreading the mixture of concrete on the original floor properly cleaned until a layer of at least 7 cm thick. Regarding the material to be use for the preparation of the mortar.

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