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Mar 1st

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To turn corners picture rail molding, cut miter joints 45 degrees to create right angles by placing two opposing pieces together. Place the nails on the rail on each beam. Replace Moldboard skirting to hide the wainscoting and seam floor and corner trim to hide joints from two boards together. Tap a set of nails against all nail heads forcibly only below the level of the wood. Use wood fill or paintable putty to fill nail holes or seams. Wait until it dries before finishing wood filled with sandpaper and stain or paint on the putty.

Picture Rail Molding – Combining a decorative chair rail for the lining of a wall is a popular approach to enhance the aesthetics of a room while also protecting the wall from damage. It is best to always install the lining in conjunction with a chair lane to help conceal and top the seams. Lane and wainscoting come in a variety of shapes and materials and take either paint or stain. Wainscoting and chair are available at many hardware and home improvement stores. Remove the molding from the base of the floor using a lever. Use a hammer to get the lever bar between the wall and the trim.

Place a metal spatula behind the lever bar to avoid damaging the wall when you loosen the loose picture rail molding. If possible, retain the molding to return to the wall when finished. Measure the wall from the floor with a standard tape measure about 36 inches or the height you want. Make equal marks on both ends of the wall with a pencil at this height. Run a chalk line through the wall in the alignment of the marks and fast to create a straight guide. Bring a stud sensor to the wall and mark the location of each beam on the wall 2 inches above the chalk line. This will ease materials to the wall by knowing where the mounting bolts are. Place liner panels on the wall.

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Use a circular saw to cut the liner to fit the area between the floor and the chalk line. Place the uneven cutting edge along the floor so that it hides the socket picture rail molding. Hammer nails 2 inches each 6 – 8 inches down each plate, in keeping with the location of the uprights. Hang all the pieces firmly spliced against each other until complete. Attach chair rail lining to the wall just above the liner. If the wall is too long for a single piece, use a miter saw to cut on the end of the boards to connect. Placing one end over the other hides the seam rather than straight cuts.

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