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Feb 20th

In this way baby is half dead and we have both hands free to soak and rinse. Care should be take to keep sides protected. As baby may try to fall to sides or forward when trying to get up. Another alternative for transition from small to large tub is more gradual is to place small step in tub inside large. If you still sit in small, when place on floor of large there is no possibility of falls. If it splashes too much there is a problem, and more importantly, baby will feel more content.

However, when baby is already able to sit alone, we can placedstep in tub of elderly sitting in a hoop or bath seat. Do not forget to put a non-slip bath mat in bathtub in case baby tries to stand up. And of course, always place appropriate toys to produce daily bathroom into a stimulating and entertaining routine for little one. They allow us to have both hands free to baby. And we are sure that it will not fall to sides or back. Many incorporate toys with sounds in front so baby is entertain at bath time.

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Step in tub – When baby is still little, we usually bait in a plastic bathtub or in special furniture for newborns. First few days, my daughter was so tiny that I bathed her in sink, but that’s another problem. But there comes a time when size of baby prevents you from continuing to do so in small tub, so we must make step to large bathtub. At first baby may feel fearful about so much water. So, for step is not too rough, you can bait for a few days in tiny tub place inside largest. If baby still does not know how to sit alone there are some supports with special suction cups to keep baby resting during bath that are very practical in this case since they leave both hands of mother free to be comfortably.

If you have to find any glue to these seats is that we have to fill with more water to cover tub to waist as they raise baby a little. Also, that when sitting is a little difficult to clean his ass. So before removing it we should take advantage to clean it all better. They are some Hammocks to place inside tub that can get wet. Also some are plastic, others are cloth, some are fixed with suction cups. And others are only support, and some have positions, height adjustable…

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