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Jan 31st

Asymmetric layout. If you are going to put a round small foyer table in a corner, put a vase or a sculpture to the back of the table and lovely books in front. Choose a pot that covers up to three-quarters of the table surface (measure before you buy), places interesting plants such as bonsai, orchids or a tangle of wild plants. Before contemplating this option consider the amount of light that the lobby receives, as well as the amount of time you have to commit to the care of indoor plants. Tablecloth, sculptures, and books.

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You can also make a better environment by adding candles around the vases. Sculptures and books. Choose a sculpture or a tall object and put it in the center, organize stacks of books (two or three per stack is usually enough) around the sculpture. Vases and books. Place columns of publications around the vase. To finish, place some stools under the small foyer table, it is very useful to flip through the books or put on and take off your shoes. If you prefer not to put fresh flowers, you can pick a vase that also looks empty, like the one shown here.

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Small Foyer Table – The lobby is the first room of our house that will see anyone who invites to enter it. Although it is important to note that we cannot recharge too much, since space does not usually allow it, this does not necessarily mean that it cannot be decorated With the necessary to print a certain personality, that of each one. A cluster of vases.  Place three to five vases of different sizes, they do not have to be identical, they look perfect when they are of the same color material (by way of example, all blue or all glass). Place the highest vase in the center and group the others around it, from the highest to the smallest.

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The small foyer table shown here is in a dining room, but without the chairs, it would look like a lobby. Keep interesting books and objects on the table most of the time and eliminate them when you want to use them.

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