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Feb 19th

Modern pool tables – Building a pool table lighting rack is the exact right project to do it yourself homeowner with a pool table. It only requires a little wood and electric knowledge to do successfully. You have to pick the type of wood to build the framework for the lamp, and then the type of lighting inside the framework. Fluorescent fixtures work nicely pool tables, however a few light flush bracket stands will work because the cosmetic diffuse will help hide them

Remove the cover of the electric wires on fluorescent lighting fixtures with a screwdriver. Center that the 36-inch fittings on the 48-inch wood, Locate installment screw holes and fasten them together with 1 inch plaster wall screws. Then repeat this with all the 24-inch fixture on the 36-inch wood flooring. Feel inventory one . And find the cables in each game and separate them by color. Strip the ends of the wires with a wire stripper if needed. Cut portions of the electrical cable to achieve from rack four to four tripod three and so on with bidet tongs. Remove enough of the outer cover from the cable with a hobby knife to allow for links to furniture.

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Subsequently to build modern pool tables light. Install a junction box next to the rack one with 1 inch plaster wall screws. This is the place where the power supplies pipes connection. Cut two pieces of 1/2-inch horizontal shape to 45 inches with a striker and attach it to the rear of this 48 inch bits, even with the long border (being jumped by the lamp) by 1 inch brads. Cut two pieces 35 inches and fasten them into the back of 36-inch bits in exactly the exact same way. Then put in hanging hooks onto the top border of the frame close to the corners. Add diffuser. This is the place where the power supplies pipes connection.

The way to construct modern pool tables light. Place the wood on a worktop. Measure at the end of 48-inch bits and earn a mark of 1-1 / 2 inches. Place the carpenters square onto the marks and draw lines throughout the timber. Drill two holes midway between the line and the end of the wood with the 1/8-inch drill. Maintain the holes 1 inch out of the long borders. Drill lowers holes in addition to the pre-drilled holes round 3/8-inch deep. Apply glue to the ends of 36-inch bits and fasten them between 48-inch bits with 3-inch plaster wall screws. Clean up excess adhesive immediately with a damp cloth. Allow the paste to dry before moving.

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