Table Top Christmas Trees Ideas

Jan 28th

The tree patterns are hollow inside and many are individually hand-painted by ceramics. Many of the ceramic Christmas trees have openings along the tips of each branch where you can place in vibrant, wrought glass or plastic ornaments similar to the lights on a Christmas tree.

The lamp kit contains a base with a lightweight outlet for a typical bulb size connected to a power cable with a power switch on and off. Put the socket base on the desk, add a light bulb and mount ceramic Christmas tree over the fixture. Be sure to insert colorful acrylic or glass ornaments in each drill hole onto the tree. Here you can find accessories for ceramic Christmas trees at crafts and discount stores as well as online retailers. Turn on the bulb and the ceramic tree lights with colorful lights to resemble a real Christmas tree. A candle light or candle light works to light less ceramic Christmas trees.

Beside table top Christmas trees, create a countertop fountain using a ceramic Christmas tree, a fountain pump and an aquarium light. Place a small fountain pump and aquarium light inside the center of a ceramic bowl. Cut a piece of elastic plastic hose to drive from the pump to the top of the ceramic tree. Tape the end of the hose within the tree so that the tube opening is over the top hole of the ceramic tree. Drill a hole through the top tip of the tree with a ceramic piece if needed. Fit the opposite end of the plastic pipe over the pipe on the pump; Fit the tree over the pump and the light. You may have to raise the tree slightly so that the water can flow underneath it freely.

Arrange a ceramic table top Christmas trees forest display with several different types and sizes of ceramic Christmas trees. Cut a sheet of 1/2 inch thick plywood to fit a table top. Arrange the ceramic trees that cover the lamp stands in groups on top of the plywood. Cover plywood and power cables with cotton pads to simulate snow. Include other ceramic houses, churches, animals or whatever you have in your holiday group as part of the screen.

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