The Beauty Of Honed Granite Countertops

Jan 20th

Daily maintenance of honed granite countertops is minimal. A quick wipe down with sponge and water are able to keep the granite totally free of any dirt and debris. Window cleaners can also be used for places that are difficult, but should be used only when necessary.  Sponge and water will clean up most of the place.  For a more hard, may require several treatments before starting to disappear, so do not worry.  Some scratches may occur from time to time, and depending on the color of the granite. It could require a more extensive care or rearrangement is even on display.  This is not a totally free treatment, but the terms of her remedy less than individual counterparts. If you are interested in finding durable stone with depth and beauty, honed granite might material for you.

The Beauty Of Honed Granite Countertops – The latest trend in granite is honing. While most are familiar with granite. Honed granite is exactly opposite. Instead of polished to a shine, it has a matte finish which allows the stone to look more like its natural state, as opposed to a high gloss shine. The slab is process the same way as polishe granite is. It goes through a string of abrasive pads and polishers until the desired look is achieved. Honed granite not reaches the buffing stage of the process as the polished granite does. Giving it a more natural look.

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Polished granite has deemed more suitable for countertops, because the buffing process actually acts as a sealer. Whereas honed granite countertops is use in areas. That glistening granite might become overly slippery if wet, such as floors and stairs. However, it can be use for countertops and tables too, and recently, honed granite has become quite popular as countertop material. If you want the more natural look of your honed granite countertops you will need to seal the stone. And you may need to add a color enhancer as sealing tends to dull out the colors of the buffered granite.

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For starters, honed granite countertops appeals to the rustic side of design. Natural looking stone in a home gives a sense of texture and depth that polished stone lacks. With the current design trends harkening back to antiquate times, honed granite achieves that rustic look with beauty and durability. For those who want a more country or vintage rustic look. This granite finish can add a certain pastoral dimension to the overall design. It is also less porous than many other all-natural stones, like marble, making it a more durable material. Since granite requires less maintenance than other materials. It is rapidly becoming homeowners’ go-to choice in design.

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