The Negative Edge Pool

Feb 1st

For an elegant look, a water feature can added to your negative edge pool. There is a broad range of water features for swimming pools, such as waterfalls, fountains and leaf jets. For a rustic and natural environment, rocky waterfalls are a good choice. It complements free-form, styles of pools very well. For a more aerodynamic and sophisticated touch, consider sheet falls, in which water falls on a flattened wall or spillway. Laminar jets and fountains throw water into the air for a more dramatic look. Deck jets can used to shoot water jets from a deck to the pool also. Negative edge pool contains in decorative forms, such as a lion’s head, from which water flows.

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If your backyard has a particular landscape feature you want your pool to accentuate. A negative edge pool can fit your needs. Also known as infinity or vanishing edge pools, these pools create the illusion that water flows over the edge of the pool. Negative edge pools work well on the back yards that face natural bodies of water or feature slopes or slopes because the water may appear to pour into the body of water or down the hill. These pools are very difficult to develop and require a pool builder who has experience with this type of construction. Negative edge pools also tend to be more expensive than traditional pools, so they are not a great option if your budget is strict.

Negative edge pool – Lots of owners choose to build negative edge pool because they offer design flexibility. Since these pools are custom, they can be constructed in any shape or size. A mixture of sand and cement, also allows a great variety of finishes, including plaster, paint or tiles. When it comes to choosing a design for a negative edge pool, it is very important to look at the rest of the backyard landscape. And the style of the house, so the backyard will have a sense of unity.

If you favor a natural look for your negative edge pool, think about adding decorative stones or stones. They work especially well when paired with free form, lagoon shaped pools and waterfalls, creating a rustic, naturalistic design feel. Rocks can be set on the edge of the pool or within a cluster in an area. Some negative edge pool also feature pebble walls for a more subtle look. Another organic design idea for pools is a beach entrance. Instead of using steps to enter the shallow end of the pool, an entry beach pool utilizes a deck that gently descends into the water to mimic the walk of a beach in the water.

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