The Round Braided Rugs

Jan 22nd

Round braided rugs of 3 is the not tricky to make. But the most complicated thing is to plait a long roll of fabric that at the end is quite bulky. That is precisely why we can make braids of three, combine colors, and join them to achieve a long braid. Which we then sew in a spiral to accomplish a round carpeting. While the easiest way to generate a carpet with braids of 3 is to wind the braid and sew it. We can also produce a round carpet without seams. For this we are making the braid as we make the carpet. But the inner pull we passed the preceding lap.

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Round braided rugs – Who more, who less, all know how to do braids. But braids of 3 can also be made by children. So this is an ideal project to do with family. The most difficult matter to make a carpet of 3 is to braid the whole roll. So doing it in several sections simplify the work. The braided carpets of 3 pulls can be round, but we can make them square. And we can always sew it to the machine. Fasten the fabric without sewing or make carpets of trail with braids of 3 based on other craft techniques.

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The ideal is to produce simple round braided rugs to learn and then, having practice and experience, start trying to make more complex models, such as these braided rugs with shapes of squares. Carpets with braids of 3 squares in this manner of making square carpets has the advantage of being able to make the braids in several sections. Avoiding the problem we discussed at the beginning of not having to braid the roll or the strip cut to an extent too long.

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To flatten the carpet after making the braiding and sewing, we can always follow the recommendation of steam ironing or the system of wet cloth and manual ironing. As we get to know the points to create carpets, we can combine the braids of 3 with other kinds of braiding without crochet hook or loom, like the system of carpet brushes.

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