Types Of Granite Countertop Edges

Mar 15th

Bullnose, the granite countertop edges of the bullnose comes in a complete bullnose and demi. The full bullnose’s edge is almost a perfect half-circle rim that looks like a Toro nose ring. This edge offers a smooth roundness of a straight or beveled edge maintaining a uniform appearance. The demi bullnose gives the initial appearance of a full border with a lower straight edge.

Types Of Granite Countertop Edges – When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, many varieties of countertops are available. One option to update the look of your room is with granite countertops. Granite countertops provide a sleek look that lasts for many years. Granite countertops also come in a wide variety of edges to match the look of your kitchen or bathroom as well as your own personal tastes. When the price of a granite counter, the edge plays a large role. The more cutting, sanding and polishing required of a worktop, the more the final cost of the piece. In the end, you have a countertop that not only accentuates the room but also reflects your personal style.

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The simplest and least expensive of all the granite countertop edges is the simple facilitated edge. A facilitated edge is a simple square edge that has a small chamfer to reduce edge sharpness. The facilitated edge is more like a standard square cover edge. This is one of the most common edges and it is often that many do-it-yourself owners decide to use it when setting up their own counters. The facilitated edge is also a favorite for granite countertops. The fourth round edge is a square edge with rounded top edge to create a subtle curve.  Like round quarter in its trimmed. The fourth round edge is another common option because of its simple design and profitability.

The Ogee bullnose is a granite countertop edges that comprises a ridge line rather than a perfectly straight or round rim. The ogee delivers a sense of depth and elegance and is available in varying degrees of depth at the ridge line, which is cut close to the center of the rim, giving the ogee more of a rouged edge appearance and appeal. The often more expensive edge is a custom edge tailored to your precise tastes. Customized borders are available in many different and elaborate styles, including intricate scalloped specifics and others. When looking for a custom edge, remember that more cutting and a polishing edge requires, plus the final cost.

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