Unfinished Engineered Wood Floor

Feb 23rd

Unfinished Engineered Wood Floor – The installation of hardwood flooring in a home or place of business continues to grow in popularity. Due to the dramatic changes in the overall appearance of the room in which hardwood flooring material is install. Significant transformations of a dull and dark room to a room full of character, warmth and visual appeal can be complet in as little as two days depending on the sort of hardwood flooring material selected. From solid pre-finished, un-finished to engineered pre-finished, unfinished and laminates, the kingdom of hardwood flooring is virtually endless.

Of the many styles of hardwood flooring available, unfinished engineered wood floor continues to remain the most widely selected. Comprised multiple layers of real wood, usually 3-5, unfinished engineered wood floors combine flexibility and strength meets any installation requirement. Manufactured or engineered in a controlled environment. The multiple layers of the unfinished engineered wood floors are glue together under high pressure. In a cross-cut pattern which gives the unfinished engineered wood flooring its superior strength. The top layer or finished layer is left un-finished to be finish by the home or business owner upon installation at the home or place of business.

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With unlimited options in finishing available, the advantages of installing unfinished engineered wood floor are as follows: Allow home or business owner to create own unique finish. Floors are more uniform and stable as a result of on-site sanding. On-site sanding allows for border installation, creating a one-of-a-kind floor. Unlimited choice of finishing colors allow for matching of exiting hardwood floor surface for better uniformity throughout the home. Large selection of installments from glued, non-glued, stapled or floating to accommodate all installation situations. Many layers of plywood backing prevent cupping due to moisture presence, minimizing gaps because of seasonal changes in temperature conditions. Less labor installation charges when installed over concrete surfaces.

Due to the complexity of the installation and the amount of additional work that is require to finish an unfinished engineered wood floor. Installation and finishing is better suited for an experienced professional specializing with expertise in his or her chosen field. Other than experience, these professionals also possess the specialized tools, including large sanding drums. Which are needed to adequately prepare the unfinished engineered flooring material for finishing. The advantages of installing an engineered unfinished hardwood floor far outweigh the additional time, effort and additional installation. And finishing expense that are often associate with the finishing and also installation of an un-finished engineered hardwood floor.

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