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Mar 13th

Inside these fireplaces, the modules are also look at the most visual. Since they can be with crystals on one side, two or three, which in turn are less seasonal. As they are design to create a decorative effect.  The chimneys have also become a decorative element more than a dwelling. Although for many years we have found several styles – modern, classic, classic and rustic. We intend to innovate, both technically and visually, through the space that is provided.

Double sided wood burning stove insert,

Bioethanol chimneys are also booming. They may have a design very similar to a wood-burning double sided electric fireplace.  And even confuse from the aesthetic viewpoint. The advantage of this type of chimney is that being compose of ethanol. Obtain from the fermentation of sugars, is consider non-polluting. In addition, it does not give off smells or smoke so it does not need works. These types of fireplaces are more decorative and less heat sources. From the company Biochimeas they recommend to be careful when handling them, since like any traditional stove, it produces fire

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An insert of firewood has a price of about 600 euros. It serves to sanitize old chimneys, which have stop working properly. As it needs a vent. Its price is around 2,000 Euros. There is open type, dirtier but more rustic. And close type, protected by a glass. In addition, the latter achieve improved thermal performance. With two-side designs to separate rooms and suspend, at a price of up to 11,000 euros.

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Double sided electric fireplace – The installation of a fireplace in the home is an alternative solution to the use of conventional radiators. Its serves to save on the bill of light. In this way, it is possible to obtain a higher thermal efficiency. Incorrect installation can cause the chimney to get colder than the heating of the fire. So the installation must always be perform by experts. Explain from the initiative of Endesa, twenergy. If the chimney is old”it is highly recommended to install a heat recuperator or insertable. Because with this it is possible to improve the yield by more than 55%. And to recover up to 85% of the energy consume. In addition, it consumes a quarter of wood as a normal fireplace.

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